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Wraith Shock Towers

These will stiffen up the front of your Wraith, same as the ones I've been running on Blue since last fall only NICER!!! CNC cut from 6mm poly foam plastic these lightweight towers create an assembly made to absorb PUNISHMENT!

Works with shocks up to 130mm as well as stock
Winch servo mounting holes
CMS mounting holes
Serve as inner fenders
Limited Lifetime Warranty
NO Instructions yet... sorry
Comes with an aluminum piece for the hood scoop


5 people were selected to test the pre-production towers... 1 really stood out. Mr Gabe Hunt down in WV practically destroyed his Wraith trying to break my shock towers, here's what he had to say after 24hrs.
Hey man,  got the mounts in the mail today, and got them installed, they fit great!  Only had to sand a little on the parts that slide over the frame.  
I haven't made a good hood yet, I'm going to make it in 2 pieces then rivet it together.
I didn't realize how awesome these were, until I saw all the options built into them,  like the servo and cms mounts and all the shock mounting possibilities.
I took it out for a 3s bashing session,  and they held up awesome,  I was extremely rough with it,  I managed to destroy both stock diffs!!!  
But as far as the mounts go,  they are awesome.
The only thing I would recommend to you for the retail sets  is to: 1) Include set screws for the stinger mounts  2) Include a tie bar with shock mounts   3) Pics in the instructions.
I am completely happy with these,  and would recommend these to anybody with a wraith.
Right now I am using the stock shocks
FRONT: new SWC front shock mounts  stock lower mounting position.
REAR: internally limited 12mm and flipped lower mounts.
Its setting dead level (maybe a slight rake to the front) with level links.
Whenever I can get my ring and pinion fixed,  I'm going to get some different shocks to try. 
Are you going to start doing those sweet rear shock mounts I saw in one of those pics?"

October 18th, 2012 UPDATE
So far there has been 0 failures in field, there are 5 more sets for sale @30$ They now come with the set screws to mod the stinger supports... These feature a lifetime warranty if properly installed with a strut tie bar.