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The Honcho

The Honcho is the RC that rekindled a fire snuffed out by nitro. The has been beaten, borrowed, loaned, stolen, abused, and left for dead on numerous occasions. But it's hard to keep a good truck down...

While visiting a friend he handed me a radio and said here entertain yourself while I make dinner for the kids. I spent 45minutes trying to climb the same pile of rocks, I was hooked. He loaned the Honcho to me until the Wraiths shipped, about 2 months. Here's some pics of the first phase.

Then the Wraith showed up, and the Honcho peacefully waited.

After a while Matt reclaimed the Honcho and took it home. After several months I said hey you should let me put an oil pan on the Honcho for demo purposes... I have had it since.

I received it from Matt in flat beige, right around this time I picked up the Trail Finder 2 Matt was having such a good time making fun of my yellow Hilux I took the liberty of painting his yellow :D

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