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November 26th, 2012
Happy Thanksgiving!
Can't believe it's been a whole month already! H
ere are some updates... the campers are evolving nicely
Got my ladder and rack finished up
No latch yet but it opens and closes

First kit in Styrene
The windows now have their own tree
...and a ledge to make painting frames easier
The roof supports are about half the size of the old ones to reduce weight from where it really matters.
All the kits come with 2 sewer clean out caps... pic of an early one, finish is better in the production models
Each kit now gets 2 roof vents now too,

See not so bad with a little sanding... and I have the new side windows installed
Gives the window frames some depth.

That's it for now :D

October 22nd, 2012
Honcho and camper update
The Honcho is undergoing a massive overhaul to be worthy of such a fine camper. To read about the Honcho click here or to see the progress of the first camper click here

October 18th, 2012
This months RC Car Action features the Excessive Force 2 build featuring one of my oil pans!
Special thanks to Jowett's Kustom RC for using it to start with...

October 14th, 2012

Some spy shots of some future products :D

1.55 Beadlocks with an HPI Mini Trophy specific application!

The 2.2" Formula Offroad Wheel 1.75" WIDE

The 2.2" Wheel w/o a name...

Reversible offsets


October 8th, 2012

I have been quite busy and have many new things to show you...

I have been fooling around with a camper for my TF2
My friends were so excited I decided to make them available as a "kit"

Some pre-production kits are available, the instructions are very basic and you will need patience and wood clamps to complete.

Email me at mike@speedweigand.com if your interested in testing one.

Pre-drilled for (14) 3mm clearance lights (to be sold separately)
Loft area with a retaining ledge for a mattress or sleeping bag (bed not included)
CNC cut plexiglass windows will be available separately
Designed to work with the stock hilux tailgate so it can easily be added or removed
Cut from .25" plywood they are very robust after gluing. Durability videos are on the schedule.
Intended for the Tamiya Hilux body and the RC4WD TF2 body, doesn't mean it won't fit on your Tundra or Clod body I just don't know for sure.

I'm working on finishing up the demo model, check back for progress pics!

August 30th, 2012
SWC debut's the Wraith front shock towers on RC Crawler
5 people were selected to test the pre-production towers... 1 really stood out. Mr Gabe Hunt down in WV practically destroyed his Wraith trying to break my shock towers, here's what he had to say after 24hrs.
Hey man,  got the mounts in the mail today, and got them installed, they fit great!  Only had to sand a little on the parts that slide over the frame.  
I haven't made a good hood yet, I'm going to make it in 2 pieces then rivet it together.
I didn't realize how awesome these were, until I saw all the options built into them,  like the servo and cms mounts and all the shock mounting possibilities.
I took it out for a 3s bashing session,  and they held up awesome,  I was extremely rough with it,  I managed to destroy both stock diffs!!!  
But as far as the mounts go,  they are awesome.
The only thing I would recommend to you for the retail sets  is to: 1) Include set screws for the stinger mounts  2) Include a tie bar with shock mounts   3) Pics in the instructions.
I am completely happy with these,  and would recommend these to anybody with a wraith.
Right now I am using the stock shocks
FRONT: new SWC front shock mounts  stock lower mounting position.
REAR: internally limited 12mm and flipped lower mounts.
Its setting dead level (maybe a slight rake to the front) with level links.
Whenever I can get my ring and pinion fixed,  I'm going to get some different shocks to try. 
Are you going to start doing those sweet rear shock mounts I saw in one of those pics?"

Gabes Wraith

August 23rd, 2012
My Zenbot arrives ZenbotCNC.com

I had to build it a home
Not complete but I wanted to start using it so I knew what features I would need to incorporate into the design of the enclosure...

August 21st, 2012
Speedweigand Customs is an official sponsor of the Tri-state Outlaws

August 15th, 2012
After finishing the foam VW motor I wanted to try a sheet metal one. Tinman had wanted to stash his electronics inside the faux motor and the foam engine wasn't big enough. Here's some pics of my second offering.
The foam VW motor was cool but he wanted to be able to hide some electronics inside of it and I knew I could do better.

August 1st, 2012
A side project for Tinman over at RCCrawler details here ***Tin Soldier's VW tuber***

See the rest of the pics in the new "projects" section

July 21st, 2012
Tozrvr from over at RCCrawler is the first person to get back to me with pics of a pan on an SCX,.. Dingo to be exact. I really appreciate the effort, I want to add that although it looks close in the pic, nothing rubs!

June 14th, 2012
I have a few very exiting announcements...

First thing, the good people over at RC4WD have picked up my oil pan! If you have never heard of them, you need to check this out. They have some of the most amazing scale RC vehicles available period.

Secondly, also amazing... Mr Jowett over at Jowett's Kustom RC chose to run an SWC oil pan on his new Excessive Force 2 Axial Wraith build.

Even the dash lights up, unbelievable attention to detail!

Finally in big news, a show of global demand for the oil pans. A gentleman from Japan purchased 10 to resell in Japan! I'll have his info up soon in the "where to buy section"

Less exciting news but good news none the less. My buddy Matt finally got me
pics of his oil pan in FASFLUORESCENT ORANGE - #40103 with chrome nuts

I'm working on a video demonstration of how to add the faux nuts, here's a couple of examples

Skip to my products page here :D only have the oil pans for now but I'm working on some basher proof wheels and a few other top secret products!

World's first scale oil pan made from .015" genuine GE Lexan


YouTube Video